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History of the “Red Draw”

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According to local lore, the drink called the “Red Draw” originated in Wichita Falls in the 50’s, when the Bar-L Drive-in came to be.

The first step to creating this extremely popular concoction is to put heavy, stemmed goblets into the deep freeze until they thoroughly frost over, add about an inch of cold tomato juice in the bottom and fill the goblet with draft Budweiser beer and you have the Red Draw.

In the 50’s draft beer differed in that it was not pasteurized as it is today and had a little more of a yeasty taste. The combination of the frozen goblet and the ingredients would cause a film of ice to float on top of the brew.

Another legend has the Red Draw originating at the Rock Inn, a native sandstone covered building located on the Old Iowa Park Highway. In the 50’s it was a thriving spot where, as this alternative legend goes, the Rock Inn gave birth of the Red Draw.

Who can say for sure?

Although Wichita Falls is generally acknowledged as the birthplace of the drink, no one place can really lay claim to its origin or to it as a specialty. It goes by various names in various locales. In Louisiana it is called Red Beer or Blood Beer. Parts of Missouri also call it Red Beer. Some places throughout the Midwest use Clamato juice or Bloody Mary Mix instead of tomato juice.

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-courtesy of @museumofnorthtexashistory