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Selena Mize – is A-MIZE-ING

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Selena Mize is a passionate individual when it comes to art and is completing a downtown mural at the end of May. She is a part of a group doing the Eastside Mural Project put together by the Wichita Falls Alliance for Art and Culture. Ralph Stearns completed the first of four murals called “I love you” which is off of Flood Street on the aide of the Felix Lister Elks Lodge. Selena Mize is doing the second mural for this project. The mural will be called “Imaginative Minds.”

The building is located on 802 Harding Street- on the busy intersection of Rosewood and Harding. It is known as “Fly’s Gas Station.” There are two other murals to follow after this project.

“This location is a place where individuals of all ages, especially kids, walk by throughout the day. It is a busy intersection as it is. I wanted to design something that made these kids smile. My mural will wrap around all four sides of Fly’s gas station. I can’t really say much about it since it will be a surprise – but it will be vibrant and colorful. And my subject matter is in fact, children. I wanted to fill them with wonder and send them the message to never stop dreaming and to always use their imagination. It’s important to never lose that creativity as you grow up. I want them to be excited for what is to come,” quotes Ms. Mize.

She was referred by Audra Lambert and Margie Reese of the WFAAC.

“Audra called me about a “potential project” and told me to “think big,” but I would have never thought it would be this! I just could not believe it. I was a huge ball of energy and I could not wait to get started.”

It was a no brainer for Mize to take on this project. She specializes in oil on canvas. She was more than exited to have a building as a bigger canvas.

With the help of Brea’n Thompson and Aaron Campbell, nothing will seize Selena’s imagination and “going big” for the town of Wichita Falls. These lovely ladies are determined to show their art. Mize carries a lot of support and inspiration. She enjoys contemporary artist such as Kehinde Wiley, Erik Jones, Fintan Magee, and Alpay Efe. Each and every one of these artists have amazing use of color and their portraits are just as stunning. Aside from these artists, Mize is inspired by her family and friends.

“Emotionally speaking, I would say that all of my inspiration and my drive to create art derived from my loved ones. My family and friends told me to never give up on my dreams and to do what I love. Both mom and dad’s side have always been hardworking, driven, and crafty so that pushed me to have an imagination at such a young age. My sister and my cousins have always been my #1 fans – from when we were younger to now. These wonderful and beautiful individuals are the best part about me.”


– Brenna Zellner