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Local Boy Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

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What started out as a school assignment has become a dream come true for 11 year old Coy Emanuel.
During the STAAR exam last year, Coy was assigned to write a letter about “who you would like to meet”. He wrote about his favorite country singer, and if he were to meet anyone it would be Granger Smith. Coy listed a few of his favorite songs by Granger in the letter and how much he liked his onstage personality.
When Coy’s mom heard that Granger Smith was going to perform at Boulevard Nightclub on April 12 she sent a message to Abbey Wuthrich, owner of the venue, and asked if there was a way for Coy to meet Granger. Abbey contacted Granger’s team and set up the surprise meeting.
Coy and his family showed up at the nightclub the afternoon of Granger’s show, and Coy didn’t have a clue to what was about to happen. I told him I was a reporter and was doing a story, and asked him if he could help me out. He agreed, so I started asking him a few questions, and suddenly Granger Smith walks up behind me, and the look on Coy’s face when he saw him was absolutely priceless.
Granger was extremely gracious, and says that these types of fans keep him grounded and reminds him of what’s important. And to show his appreciation to his #1 fan, Granger brought out the whole band and performed Coy’s favorite song, “If The Boot Fits”, gave him some merchandise to take home with him, and autographed the letter that Coy wrote for his assignment.
Thanks to Granger Smith and his band and road team for making one boy’s dream come true!
                                        ~ Tim Maloney

Written by Coy Emanuel:
“If I could meet anyone in the world it would be Granger Smith. If you dont know who that is. Then what are you doing with your life! He is a very famous country singer. Everytime he sings “if the boot fits” he throws his boots to the crowd. Not all country singers do that! His nickname for some songs is Earl dribbles jr. Like the songs “murica”, “city boy slick”, “country boy love”, and “the country boy song”. The best song he made and I like is “5 more min”. The best think I like about him is he likes to farm and I like to farm. He is the best singer I know. He’s the singer i know. He has a really smooth voice when he sings. That is the person i would meet in the entire world.”