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Caleb Villa – Bowtied And Confident

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V Custom Bowties is a Wichita Falls based company that was founded in 2015 and is quickly making a name for itself. We sat down with the creator and driving force behind the company and found that he was just as bold and confident as his ties. We love supporting local and it’s always a bonus when it’s top quality. I can say that Caleb found a new customer in me. I will be buying all of my ties from V Custom Bowties for now on.

How did you get into creating custom ties? I started with the bow ties about a year and a half ago. I always wore bow ties and just wondered what it would take to make them. My grandma could sow and I figured maybe I could come up with something with her help and I tried a few things and came up with my own recipe.

So just by experimentation? Exactly. Just some trial and error and making some terrible ones.

Do you create completely custom ties? Yes. I’m getting into doing more ties for pets. I use a third party to print fabric of cotton and even silk, but satin is my most used fabric. I can put a picture of yourself or whatever you would like. Even a piece of pizza. One ad I’m wanting to do is me wearing one of my cat and my cat wearing one of me.

You sell online? Etsy, Ebay, and then my own online E-commerce store. I do most of my business online but I plan to start pushing more locally. They make great gifts, like Father’s day, holidays. Good for proms.


I can think of so many times that custom neck ties would be great, like weddings. I’ve done a few weddings so far. I did five neckties for a wedding recently with all the same print and I’m waiting to receive the photos and I’ll use them to start advertising for weddings locally.

I saw that you have a lot of super hero designs made up. Do you keep a lot of a certain kind in stock? Well, most ties are made to order and if it’s not a completely custom tie and I am able to get the fabric locally I can usually have it ready next day depending on the order size. For the completely custom jobs I have about a two week turn around.

Do you have any particular design that is a hot seller? Well, most recently it has been Star Wars. I even had an order for a Darth Vader glow in the dark tie.

Where online can your ties be purchased? My Etsy, Ebay, or online store front.