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The Art of David Fowler

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What mediums do you prefer working with?

Lately I’ve been working a lot with acrylic. I will still toy around with other mediums, but growing up I did more oils than anything. I never used to paint with acrylic and now it’s kinda strange to me how I’ve flipped from oils to primarily acrylic.

Your work does cross many genres. What do you accredit your diverse artistic abilities to?

In high school we had a great art program. The teacher really cared about the students and we had access to anything we wanted. We could stretch any size canvas that we wanted All the paints and brushes that you can imagine and even a pottery wheel and kiln were available to us whenever we wanted them. It’s really a shame that schools have been cutting art programs. Creativity is as important to life and business, if not more so, as any other subjects.

What other artists inspire you?

Growing up I really loved M.C. Escher. Now I am just inspired by my immediate contacts. My brother and his wife are great artists. Many of my friends inspire me as well. I love the work of Josh Dodson, Ben Jacobi’s photography, and really any genre. Painting, photography, music, tattooing, charcoal, graffiti, graphic and video all interest me. I enjoy talking to artists about their work and learning from them.

Do you have any shows planned?

I will have a display at the upcoming “Art & Soul” festival that Downtown Wichita Falls Development is putting on June 25th. I’ll also be having a show at Ganache Cupcake Lounge on Friday July 1st. There will be giveaways, live music and drink specials.