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Remain: American Rock & Roll from the heart of North Texas

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How long has the band been playing together?

We played our first gig at the Labb in Denton on August 16, 2014.


How would you describe your sound?

Our sound depends on the song. For our pure rock songs, I like to sound like a distorted explosion pushing the boundaries of control and staying just within the confines of total chaos. When it comes to the more poetic songs, I like a sad, triumphant sound, which possesses a more soul rooted strength. We still haven’t found our sound. I believe that takes years or maybe even a lifetime, but we’ll always be striving for sonic liberation.


You guys recently played Oaktopia Festival there in Denton. As a farely new annual music festival it seems to be growing extremely fast. Tell me about your Oaktopia experience.

In 2014 we played Oaktopia at Banter. It was a bit smaller then. One of the guys in charge met me at an open mic and just said he’d like me to play on the stage for local acts. It’s not that simple anymore because they’ve grown tremendously. This year we emailed and submitted but heard nothing back. However, I am fortunate enough to be good friends with Jake Laughlin, who organized the LSA and Square stages, so we landed a killer set at LSA. Whoever is organizing Oaktopia is doing a fantastic job. In the three years I have been in Denton I have seen it grow and flourish. They are definitely doing something right.


Denton has really made a name for itself, where do you see Denton going in the next 10 years?

I love Denton and I hope it gets all the recognition it deserves. It is a magical place where creativity and inspiration are always in the air. Denton is full of great artists and eventually some of them are going to re-introduce Denton to the world just as others have in the past.


What are your favorite Denton venues and why?

The building that used to be Banter (now 940’s) will always be special to me because that is where I first took the stage when I moved to Denton in 2012. I attended Bone Doggie’s Open Mic that first night and made connections that have been vital to my musical life in this city.


Where can people check you out in the near future?

Our Reverb Nation page will have all our dates listed.      https://www.reverbnation.com/remainrocks


Would you like to share any links or “shout outs”?




We would love to give shout outs to individuals, but there are too many and I know I would forget someone. They know who they are.