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Your Falls Town Flyers!!

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When I first heard a new pro team was coming into Wichita Falls, I, like most people, felt a little cautious. We have had at least a couple of semi-pro hockey teams come and go. We also had an arena football team that lasted 2 seasons. I actually enjoyed watching arena football, but the fans kept some distance. Now we have a new pro soccer team.

The new team is called FC Wichita Falls Flyers. Looking back at the patterns of the last few teams we had at Kay Yeager Coliseum, I really feel different about this new adventure. With the hockey players, they were constantly rotating players and the roster would change almost every game, and let us be honest, not a lot of people grew up playing hockey in Texas. In Texas we like football. So surely an arena football team would be a gold mine. The Nighthawks games were very exciting, but again, I don’t think the fans really connected to the players.

The new pro-soccer team is made up of our local legends. These guys have played for our high schools and for our own Midwestern State University-right here in our hometown. Soccer is BIG in Wichita Falls. If you ever go to Memorial Stadium on a Saturday during soccer season it is a packed and parking is a mad house. Soccer is a sport anyone can play. You don’t need expensive pads or ice skates. All you need is a ball and people. I think at one point almost everyone has kicked a soccer ball around. There is a reason it’s the world’s most popular sport. The tickets to the games are as low as $6, so it’s cheaper than watching a movie.

The difference between those other teams we had in the past is that we know these players. I would almost bet there is probably 1 degree of separation for almost anyone in Wichita Falls to at least one of the players. I still remember watching Sports Center and feeling so proud that Josh Peloquin made it on ESPN’s top plays when he nailed the 35-yard volley in the final seconds to upset Denton High 3-2 back in 2015.

That is why I think this will work. We know these guys and they are the best of us. They represent us! Wichita Falls! It is not just a name on their shirts, but it is because they are our colleagues, sons, neighbors and friends.

So, without further ado, meet your team, the Falls Town Flyers!

-Samuel Pak