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Bruce Lyons Brings New Life To Old Heirlooms

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Bruce Lyons Guitars and Computers has frequently been called upon to bring back to life a family heirloom guitar or a guitar which holds a certain soft spot in someone’s heart. According the owner, Bruce Lyons, “It’s often some of the most gratifying work that comes in here”.

Recently a young man, Cody Fulfer, came in to the store with an old guitar in need of some extensive repair. His very good friend, Jordan Elder, had given him the guitar. The thought was, since it was in such terrible shape, it would be a fine example of wall art for Cody to hang on his wall. This guitar had a bolt-on neck, which is very common in guitar construction, and the area where the neck and the body joined (referred to as the “neck joint”) was, to say the very least, badly compromised.

Fulfer told Lyons he wanted to repair the guitar if at all possible, in playing condition, and then to return it to his friend, Jordan Elder, as a birthday present.

Lyons examined the guitar thoroughly and then devised a plan of action. After checking and re-checking a number of times, Lyons was able to repair the neck joint to a point at which the guitar would again be playable, and not be relegated to being simply “wall art”.

Lyons contacted Fulfer and passed on the good news, the guitar should once again be playable, and not be something just to be hung on a wall for people to admire. Fulfer came in and looked over the guitar, quite honestly amazed at what had been done. While the guitar was not back to a 100% repair, it was, still, very much playable, and all the electronics were in great working order.

Fulfer brought his friend to the store on the Saturday when Bruce Lyons Guitars was hosting their Monthly Sidewalk Jam and Concert. Fulfer was already bearing a smile from ear to ear. Soon his good friend would open a guitar case and behold a guitar brought back to life. Then Fulfer returned the guitar to him. Now his friend also had that same ear-to-ear grin.

Lyons’s comment: “The smiles on their faces tell it all. And I have to say, this is a privilege to be allowed to do this type of work on instruments which people hold so dear to their hearts. It’s a great day to be in this business!”