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Nicole Abeth Releases Her New Single “Fear”

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Nicole Abeth is an 19 year old singer-songwriter from Texas. Since a very young age she has been expressing herself threw music. The past few years, she began to write songs that shared a story and had meaning. Her songs reflect life in faith, love, happiness, fear and the sadness that everyone feels.

How long have you been a singer/songwriter?
I first started writing music when I was 9 years old. My interest in music was growing after receiving my first solo in an Army dedication performance in 3rd grade. Shortly after this performance I wrote my first song called “Toy Soldier” about finding a soldier who was lost over in war. Over time I wrote songs here and there but never really recognized my potential in my writing. When I turned 16 I got my first guitar and from there the writing progressed. From my freshman year of high school to now I have written over 200 songs, some silly and unfinished; other songs filled with emotions that I’ve found myself experiencing. I found more of a voice for myself, and really started to understand who I was, or really who I wanted to be as a growing teenager.
What was your inspiration for the your latest song, “Fear”?
I was in the dumps and unable to write for a few months. I thought I wasn’t going to write again. I found myself crying because this writers block hadn’t ever been so persistent as it was for these few months. Majority of my time was spent watching videos online. Then I stumbled upon a video done by BuzzFeed called “Me & Mass Shooting.” The video spoke of a native Texas man, and all the accounts of mass shooting he experienced while growing up. Later that night I kept thinking of all of the things I have witnessed with shootings, terrorism, and all this hate that was present in our world. I began writing. It was rusty, and the first few writing attempts to captivate this feeling of “Fear” weren’t making justice of what I wanted to say. I took a deep breath and gave it one more attempt, and what you are hearing now is a little cleaner version of that.
There are clearly some deep topics hit on in your lyrics.

How do you hope that your music affects listeners?
I hope this song opens people’s eyes to see some of these problems we have in our world. To take of these blinders off that only show us what we think is right or what we want to hear. There are problems that need to be fixed, but at the same time you can’t place a band-aid on a wound and expect it to heal. You have to expose these problems and issues from all sides and angles to even merely understand our worlds issues today. Children need to be taught about these things, teenagers, everyone. There isn’t any avoiding it anymore especially when it is in your face. I want people to be motivated to stop the hate and come together. Because being apart will only cause more issues.
What are your musical plans for the future?
I’d like to maybe start selling my songs. I’ve wrote songs geared for different people like Grace Vanderwal, Halsey, Maranda Lambert, and would like to one day be able to have my music spread in that kind of manner. I don’t know if I always want to perform because sometimes the stress gets to be to much and I feel pressured. But I do want my lyrics to reach people. I would want to go out on my own, make friends and find band members to travel and play out of the blue with. To really have fun and enjoy it. If I was asked to be signed and to work on my music for millions of people, I’d love it. But want to share these thoughts and emotions and inspirations with everyone in my own way. Though, I have things I want to experience still, places I want to go, things I want to try… I think one day I will really fall in love with myself, and that is when I think the best music will come out of me.


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