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Ceasar Cease – Breaking Barriers

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 The tongue has the power of life and death. Proverbs 18:21
This is a statement that hip hop artist, Ceasar Cease, has learned to embrace and he now uses it to guide his music. “Music can change your mood”, Ceasar shared. “Everybody likes a good beat, that’s the hook, but it’s the lyrics hit.”
Ceasar admits that he has always been interested in making music, “I didn’t always make positive music.” Ceasar tells of how he initially chose to magnified the negative that he experienced and saw around him. That is, until he noticed the influence that he carried. “I understood at a young age that I had influential vibes,” recalls Ceasar. It was with this realization that he decided to shift his lyrics toward a more positive direction.
“I had friends die from the streets and I didn’t want to follow that path”, he continued. “Words have power. TuPac and Biggie sang about murder and look where they are. I want to speak life and positive existence into my kids. I had my first daughter at the age of 16. I wanted to earn her respect. I had to look at myself and say, “Do I want my daughter to date a man like me? If not, then change.” Change, he did.
Ceasar decided to take the high road, to write lyrics that would encourage and uplift others. He set out to redefine “cool”, to show that seeking education and self-improvement is a good thing. “We have a choice, we can make excuses or we can overcome and break barriers.” he said.
With the revelation of his ability to influence people, he recognized that he had a responsibility to his audience and those around him. “I don’t want to be the reason that somebody goes the wrong way. I started with the small things. I stopped talking about the streets. God led me to speak positive and use music as a tool”, said Ceasar. “People started noticing that there was more to my music than just good sounds. I use that as a hook to draw them into conversation.”
Ceasar is more than just a positive entertainer. He is community minded and volunteers his time toward mentoring area kids. One of the programs he participated in was with the Wichita Falls Art Alliance summer program where he was able to teach kids to express themselves through the arts in a positive way. He is a man with a mission. That mission not only includes mentoring the next generation, but also setting an example for his generation, encouraging men to faithfully fulfill their roles as fathers.
Ceasar Cease, the artist, the father, the encourager. If your chin is up and your eyes are open, you will see him around town. He’s out there, doing his part to make a positive impact on his community. When you see him, you will see a smile, and you will most likely see him deep in conversation. Ceasar has a mission, and that mission is to love his neighbor and live a positive example.


– David Fowler